About Me



Advanced Diploma Naturopathy
Advance Diploma Nutritional Medicine
Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine
Bachelor Teaching/ Bachelor Arts (Newcastle University)


Australia National Therapies Association (ANTA)
Born and raised on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Since my teenage years, I had a keen interest in nutrition and an active lifestyle participating in many sports. But like many at that age, I made very poor food choices and ate what was quick and easy with little nutritional value. It was not until I received a life changing diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (Premature Menopause) at age 31 and now facing the prospect of never having biological children, that I was faced with taking a long hard look at my overall health and lifestyle.

The devastating news also prompted me to seek answers of 'how' and 'why' this had happened to me. I wanted to find the underlying cause for this disease, something conventional medicine failed to provide me. This curiosity lead me to a Herbalist who incorporated Herbal and Nutritional medicine to help improve my chances of conceiving naturally. During the consultation, I was educated on the importance of being healthy in both mind and body to help prevent any further health complications that may be associated with my disease. Confronted with the possibility of future health implications, I was advised on preventative measures I could put in place. I now found the decision to make health a priority an easy one.  I was able to utilise these tools provided to take complete charge of my own health and improve my overall well being.

The unfortunate twist of fate that was essentially life altering for the worse, actually led me down the path with a strong desire to find out more about natural medicine and the positive impact it can have on improving health and vitality.

My once interest in nutrition now a passion, I decided to study an Advanced Diploma in the modalities of Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy (current). With the support of my husband, I was able to walk away from an 8 year teaching career, down a new and exciting path to help others also achieve positive health goals.

To encourage clients to take the initiative to regain responsibility for their own health outcomes ....
......  to encourage people to be  'THEIR own health advocate'.